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PEX Products comes with a variety of Valves made of Chrome , Brass and Plastic

Design : The success of PEX begins with attention to product design. All aspects of performance, aesthetics and quality are designed into our products to guarantee a quality product from the outset quality : as an ISO 9001 accredited company we are committed to providing customers with products and services of a consistently high standard which gives us the confidence to offer our 12 year guarantee*

WRc-NSF : Plumbex UK works closely with WRc-NSF, one of the premier testing and approvals organisations in Europe to ensure that our products conform to relevant standards British Standards : where appropriate, PEX products are designed and manufactured to relevant

British Standards: BS5154, BS1010, BS5412 and BS1212.

Service : The trust that people place in the PEX name comes not only from their trust in the product quality but also in the service they receive. Backed by a fully computerised order processing system our team of customer service representatives and product technical specialists work in partnership with our international network of agents and sales representatives to ensure we continue to provide service levels which lead the way in our industry.

Value for Money : Built into everything that we do is a belief that excellence in design, quality and service does not have to be at the expense of competitive pricing. Please contact Plumbex UK or your local PEX agent or distributor for further chrome brass plastic WRc-NSF information on our products and pricing.

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