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Pipe Support Systems

When dealing with gas supply lines, condensation drains, or electrical conduits, you must ensure that your pipes are supported appropriately. OBAID MASOOD’s custom pipe support systems are intended to perform under all-weather situations. Our products are heavy-duty, durable, trustworthy, and guaranteed to secure your pipes.

pipe support systems suppliers in the UAE

Our items of superior quality have a broad range of applications. As support structures for air ducts in dry interiors, they are excellent for pipe installation. They provide a vast array of mounting options for pre-wall installations and shelves, as well as a variety of system components. They provide several benefits, such as rapid and competent pipe section attachment and different pipe routes. The scale markings on the sides of these items facilitate the alignment of attachment components during installation and aid in measuring and cutting the product on site. Facilitates secure, lateral, and vertically changeable mounting. The cross-section shape provides excellent bending rigidity.

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pipe support systems suppliers in the UAE

The functions of Piping Support are-

  • To prevent Pipe tension from exceeding permissible levels
  • To eliminate the joint leakages
  • Absorb extreme line vibrations
  • To mitigate the negative impacts of seismic, wind, water hammers, and other dynamic loadings
  • To prevent the unintended separation (lift-off) of pipe from its supports
  • To avoid excessive pipe sag (normally more than 10 mm for process piping and 2.5 mm for power piping; 12.5 mm for GRE/GRP piping), the pipe wall thickness must be more than 10 mm
  • To avoid exposure of components to temperature extremes, beyond their design limit
  • To restrict undesired line movements to prevent overloading of sensitive equipment
  • To divert the heat flow of a pipe in a favorable direction
  • to minimize excessive strain on the support

We have been supplying clients throughout the Middle East, and our professional work environment enables us to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions. We have built some of the world’s greatest high-performing teams who are trained and experienced to exceed clients’ expectations on every assignment. As we strive to serve the Middle East in pursuit of a brighter future, Obaid Masood is attaining new heights.