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PVC Solvent Cement And Lubricants

A pipe Lubricant compound for use with water pipes and mains that is composed of a vegetable soap lubricant.

Specially developed to facilitate the simple and rapid installation of sealing joints on practically all pipe materials, including rubber, plastic, clay, cast iron, and concrete.

pipe lubricant

This specific lubricant offers the following advantages:

  • Entirely WRAS-Approved
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Minimal soap evaporation in warm weather.
  • derived from renewable plant resources
  • Versatile and compatible with all pipe materials
  • Simple to apply to pipe
  • Superior lubrication and traction
  • Mineral oil-free, for optimal material compatibility
  • Not containing Tallow or other animal fats.
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PVC Solvent cement

PVC Solvent Cement

PVC Solvent cement is often recommended by Obaid Masood because it is a quick, simple, and very reliable bonding procedure. The CPVC material is glued using solvent cement to make a single thermoplastic component with a consistent bond.

These welded seams also contribute to the system’s durability, thermal distortion temperature, pressure rating, chemical resistance, and safety.

Water is a valuable resource, and the need to preserve and protect it has never been stronger!

Obaid Masood is committed to preventing water loss and leaks. Therefore, we provide CPVC & PVC Plumbing Pipe and PVC Adhesive Glue to guarantee that your pipes are leak-proof, therefore reducing water loss.

Utilizing a top-tier PVC Pipe Glue and plastic glue can assist keep your structure leak-free and undamaged. We provide the finest PVC Glue and CPVC and PVC Adhesive Glue for plumbing to meet all your sealing requirements.