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Valve supplier in Dubai

Obaid Masood is the leading valve supplier in Dubai for household, commercial, and industrial uses. We, as the top valve suppliers in Dubai, have expertise working with international clients in the valve business. In addition, we are an Authorized Distributor of Pegler and PEX valves. Our products are designed to adhere to a plethora of product specifications and performance requirements.

Because of the availability of 10,000+ items in our warehouse, we are at the forefront of the Plumbing valves domain in the UAE. The valves from the best valve suppliers in Dubai are devoted entirely to quality and assurance.

Valve supplier in Dubai
Valve supplier in Dubai

Authorized Valves Suppliers in Dubai, U.A.E.: Obaid Masood

Obaid Masood Group is an ADCE (Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering) approved materials supplier with ISO, NSF, WRAS, DVGW, IAPMO, SKZ, KIWA, UL, WELS, Watermark, and Kitemark certified products. Our products from the top valve manufacturers in the UAE are designed to adhere to and comply with all applicable product specifications and performance requirements. In other words, we have been the authorized valve supplier in the UAE for over 30 years, which is synonymous with superior quality, durability, dependability, and consistency. Alternatively, we, as the best valve suppliers in Dubai,  aim for quality in all we do to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

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Valve supplier in Dubai

Best valve supplier in Dubai

The UAE-based Obaid Masood group imports and supplies novel thermodynamic mixing valves. We also supply irrigation equipment, which is essential to efficient farming. In addition, our products have made a home at the Dubai Expo, the Emirates Palace, and many other prestigious places. Our collection of Thermostatic Mixing Valves now includes water pumps, hydrophores, and mixing valves. As a result of our expansion and greater exports, our valves have quickly become leading valves in the region and established us as a top valves suppliers in Dubai. Obaid Masood Group is the UAE’s preeminent provider of valves.

Why Obaid Masood is the best valve supplier in Dubai?

Moreover, numerous technical services firms, contractors, and manufacturers have recognized Obaid Masood Group as the leading supplier of plumbing-related materials in Middle Eastern countries, particularly the United Arab Emirates.

Over the course of 30 years, we’ve amassed a remarkable project portfolio, expanded our client base, and accelerated our business by servicing practically every industry. Our respected and delighted customers are evidence of our resiliency and support of the organization’s focal point, which embodies a dedication to quality, efficacy, and competitive price. Maintaining a strong reputation and a devoted customer base is a priority for us.