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Angle valves

The angle valve is also called a manual valve. Angle valves are commonly used to stop or control fluid flow in a pipe. As a result, it is sometimes simply referred to as a stop valve. The stop valves restrict the flow of fluid completely. Angle valves, on the other hand, are more typically utilized as regulating devices in both residential and industrial plumbing.

Angle valves have an inlet and outlet port that are 90 degrees from one another. Modern angle valves in Dubai have angles with ¼ turn handles to cut off the flow as rapidly as possible in an emergency. Angle valves in the UAE are the most widely utilized valves in the world.

Angle valves

Uses Of Angle Valves

Instead of shutting off the water to your entire house plumbing system when upgrading or replacing your faucet or other fixtures, you can just use the angle stop valve to cut off the water to that appliance or fixture that needs to be fixed.

You can use the angle stop to shut off the flow to that appliance or fixture in the event of a water leak or even a complete burst until the required repairs are done.

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Angle valves
Types of angle valves
  1. Compression angle stop –
    A compression angle stop squeezes a brass ring into the gap between the building’s pipework and the angle stop’s body using a compression nut.
  2. CPVC angle stop
    Specialized cement, often known as glue, is used in CPVC.
  3. Iron pipe thread angle stop
    A pipe thread angle valve attaches to a male threaded water pipe. In the case of iron pipe, the threads are directly connected to the ends of the pipe.
  4. Poly and PEX angle stop
    Crimp or clamp rings are used to secure the PEX and Poly angle stops to their respective pipes.
  5. Sweat angle stop –
    The angle stop is brazed onto the pipe with a torch by plumbers. A sweat angle stop can be used in a building with copper pipes.
  6. Push-on angle stop –
    An angle stop that glides over copper, CPVC, and PEX pipe is called a push-on angle stop.
There are numerous reasons to replace the angle stop valves. One of the most frequent occurrences is a leak around the valve. There are further reasons for replacing angle valves, such as the fact that older angle valves were never intended to last for a prolonged period. The compression component of the valve is susceptible to failure after 8 to 10 years of non-use and upon initial usage following installation.

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