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Gate valve

Gate valve

Obaid Masood Building Materials Trading L.L.C. is a top supplier, wholesaler, and authorized distributor of Pegler and PEX valves in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide building contractors, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries around the nation with a multitude of valves, like gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, float valves, etc.

When opened, gate valves allow media to flow freely; when closed, they stop the flow. The pressure drop across the valve is minimal because of the gate valve’s unrestricted straight-through channel. Gate valves in Dubai are utilized in a wide range of applications and can be installed both above and below ground. It is critical, especially for underground installations, to select the correct type of valve to avoid expensive replacement expenses; for this purpose, Obaid Masood Group, the top valve supplier in Dubai, provides a wide range of gate valves. Automated gate valves are available with either an electric or pneumatic actuator; however, because gate valves are rarely utilized, a manual gate valve is more cost-effective. Gate valves in Dubai are sometimes also known as sluice gate valves. They are available in two configurations: fully open or fully closed.

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Gate valve

A gate valve consists of :

  • The handwheel
  • Stem
  • Gasket
  • Bonnet
  • Valve body
  • Flange
  • Gate

Working of gate valve

A gate valve works in the same way as other valves. Turn the handwheel to open the valve which raises or lowers the gate (G) on the stem (B) via the threads. To fully open or close a gate valve, it takes more than one 360° rotation. When the gate is raised, it opens the entrance to the outlet, allowing the material to flow freely. The gate closes and restricts the media flow when it is lowered.

Gate valve

On the basis of their construction, gate valves for water delivery systems can generally be categorized as follows:

By wedge: parallel gate valves and wedge gate valves

By seat: gate valves with a metal seat or a resilient seat

By stem: those with or without a rising stem.

Gate valves are used in a variety of industrial and residential settings.

  • Slurries: Gate valves are frequently employed in applications involving slurries. This is because a gate valve has an unobstructed fluid channel, allowing the slurry to readily travel through the valve. Knife gate valves can also close by cutting directly through the slurry.
  • Viscous media: For viscous media such as light grease and oils, gate valves are typically utilized. These media can flow freely due to the clear pathway. The valve can be pigeonholed, which is a popular method of cleaning in these situations. Furthermore, valves for these applications are frequently turned on or off for extended periods.
  • Water gate valves: Watergate valves are often employed in water applications because flow control is typically not done for these applications. The valve can be fully open or closed to control the flow of water.
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