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Float valves

The float valves are often referred to as a ball float. Float valves are lever-operated valves meant to regulate the level of liquids. Since float valves in Dubai are utilized in various industries and applications, the operation of float valves is entirely mechanical.

How does a float valve work?

Float valves open and close based on the liquid level that the float senses. The float could be a hollow ball made of metal or plastic. The float valves in the UAE can regulate the main valve via a sub-valve. The sub valve would establish a water level in the tank; if the water level exceeded this level, the sub valve would close, and the back pressure chamber of the main float valves would swiftly handle this pressure. Consequently, the PEX float valve in Dubai can regulate the water level in major industrial plants.

Float valves
Float valves
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Float valves

Applications of float valves

  • Controlling the water level in open and closed tanks
  • Condensate tanks
  • The traditional toilet cistern (W.C.). It is a cyclical operation, but the ball-float valve controls the water level continuously
  • Useful in a regular residential overhead tank


  • No need for monitoring or regulating 
  • Once the required water level is attained, the flow of water will be halted to prevent overflow or overfilling
  • No electrical power is necessary; this is affordable. Beneficial for tank level control in distant places where there is no electricity supply


Obaid Masood Building Materials is an Authorized Distributor of Pegler Valves with a wide array and unparalleled inventory of float valves to satisfy a multitude of plumbing requirements.

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