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UPVC Drainage Pipe

PVC drainage pipes are one of OMBMT’s popular products. 

Due to the country’s weather circumstances and the inclusion of specific components, the strength of these pipes has grown in comparison to the country’s weather conditions. The drainage pipes are manufactured as lattice and non-lattice abrasive coils, with the length of the coils and the number of holes in each row being customizable based on the order. The drainage pipes serve as a conveyor and exhaust system and are constructed with porous, corrugated, and basic grids of varying sorts. UPVC drainage pipe and fittings are the most resilient and widely used form of drainage pipe. The pipes must remain durable under the site’s climatic and chemical conditions, such as soil, water, corrosion, and frost, and have appropriate strength. For the reasons stated above, PVC and polyethylene drainage pipes are the best alternatives.

upvc drainage pipes and fittings
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ppr pipes and fittings

Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-RC), the most dependable polymer in the piping system business, is used in the production of PPR pipes and fittings. PPR Piping Systems are ideal for chemical transportation, in pharmaceutical companies, and for other industrial applications, as well as hot and cold water plumbing systems in factories and building piping, due to the superior physical properties of PPR Pipes, such as a working temperature range of -20° C to 95° C, and excellent chemical resistance, which provides a definitive solution to oxidation and calcification.

PPR Pipes and fittings are the most reliable pipe system for use in industrial applications and water distribution because of their high degree of strength and low weight (hot and cold).

Applications of PPR Pipes and Fittings:

  • Industrial piping for the conveyance of aggressive fluids
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Compressed air distribution system
  • Transportation of potable water and liquid nourishment
  • System of indoor and outdoor hot and cold water pipelines
  • Solar water heating technologies
  • The indoor heating system, encompasses floor, wall, and radiator heating

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