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pvc solvent cement

The market is brimming with different types of cement and not enough time to sample them all. Whether you’re a new professional entering the business, a seasoned plumber in need of a refresher, or a new homeowner attempting your first DIY project, we’re here to help you choose the most effective and efficient solvent cement for every job.


Pipe material

Determine if you will be using PVC, ABC, or CPVC plastic pipes, and then choose the appropriate cement. Use PVC solvent cement for PVC pipe fittings and ABS cement for ABS pipe fittings, and avoid any mishaps.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important procedures in solvent welding. In the absence of compatibility between the cement and pipe material, the pipe and fitting cannot chemically bond, resulting in joint failure.

Pipe Size

Next, consider the pipe diameter. Cement with higher viscosity or a heavier body will be required for larger pipes. There are ordinary, medium, and heavy types of cement available.

When selecting a PVC solvent cement, our experts recommend utilizing the following pipe size requirements as a general rule of thumb. The maximum suggested pipe size is also mentioned on the cement container.

Application Requirements

In addition, validate that the cement is rated for the temperature, humidity, and pressure of the application site. Consider whether you’re working on a potable water system or a non-pressure DWV (drainage, water, and vent) system, and choose the appropriate cement formulation for that specific application.

Local Standards and Codes

Ensure that the PVC solvent cement complies with all applicable codes and standards for the application site.

pvc solvent cement


Cement selection is determined by the type of application.

  • Hot ‘R Cold is designed for PVC applications in temperatures ranging from -15 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot ‘R Cold is a clear, medium-bodied, extremely fast-setting, high-strength PVC solvent cement for all classes and schedules of pipe and fittings up to 6″ in diameter.
  • Wet ‘R Dry is designed for applications where extremely wet conditions and/or rapid pressurization are necessary. It is designed for specific irrigation, plumbing, or pool and spa applications. Wet ‘R Dry is a medium-bodied, aqua blue, exceptionally fast-drying, high-strength PVC solvent cement for all classes and schedules of pipe and fittings.
  • General purpose PVC solvent cement can be used for all PVC plastic applications. It is allowed for use in potable water systems, industrial pipe applications, irrigation, sewage, drain, waste, and vent systems. General Purpose is a clear or grey, heavy-bodied, medium-setting, high-strength PVC solvent cement.

pvc solvent cement

PVC Solvent Cement is frequently advocated by Obaid Masood due to its speed, simplicity, and dependability as a bonding method. It is also capable of providing waterproofing to the pipelines.

Obaid Masood is dedicated to stopping water loss and leaks. Therefore, we offer every type of PVC solvent cement to ensure that your pipes are leak-free, thereby minimizing water loss. Contact our experts for industry-based expertise and success in your civil projects.