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Gate valves

Gate Valves & Industrial Usage

A gate valve opens by lifting a barrier from the flow’s path. Gate valves allow or prevent the flow of liquids, but typical gate valves shouldn’t be used for regulating flow unless they are specifically designed for that purpose. Structure of gate valves Typically, a gate valve consists of a round...

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pipe lubricant

Factors To Consider When You Buy Lubricants And Why?

Pipe lubricants are substances used to reduce friction and wear between the walls of a pipe, and may also help to reduce the risk of corrosion. The most common pipe lubricants include petroleum-based greases, synthetic lubricants, and powder lubricants. Commonly used pipe lubricants include soaps, oils, grease, and waxes. Soaps provide...

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terrain drainage systems

Difference Between Above and Below Ground Drainage

People generally question the difference between above and below-ground drainage, provided by terrain drainage systems. In simple words, Above-ground drainage refers to the collection of rainwater from rooftops, paved surfaces, and other areas that are above the ground. This type of drainage usually involves gutters and downspouts to collect...

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Float Valves

What are float valves and their features?

 What is a float valve?A float valve is a device used to regulate the flow of a liquid or gas by using a floating mechanism that rises and falls with the level of the fluid. As the level of the fluid rises, the float rises with it, causing a...

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Check valve

What are check valves? Where to use it?

Valves are essential components for controlling the flow of fluids in a system, and understanding how they work is important not only for any engineer or technician but also for anyone using them at home. In this blog, we will be talking about check valves and their applications, by...

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Ball Valves

Ball Valves: Advantages and Disadvantages

Obaid Masood is an Authorized Distributor for Pegler, Cosmoplast and Cepex Ball Valves in Dubai, U.A.E.Valves are the core of many industrial and household equipment. You need valves for gas, water, or oil to flow through the pipes and to work properly.One of the most common valves out there...

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Check Valve

How Do Check Valves Work?

Check valves are self-operating, non-return, or one-way valves. This automatic safety system permits unrestricted fluid flow in a single direction. In the event that the fluid flow is reversed, the valve will automatically close, thereby safeguarding the linked pipework and pump.Applications of check valvesCheck valves are utilized in a...

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