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Month: November 2022

Ball Valves

Ball Valves: Advantages and Disadvantages

Obaid Masood is an Authorized Distributor for Pegler, Cosmoplast and Cepex Ball Valves in Dubai, U.A.E.Valves are the core of many industrial and household equipment. You need valves for gas, water, or oil to flow through the pipes and to work properly.One of the most common valves out there...

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Check Valve

How Do Check Valves Work?

Check valves are self-operating, non-return, or one-way valves. This automatic safety system permits unrestricted fluid flow in a single direction. In the event that the fluid flow is reversed, the valve will automatically close, thereby safeguarding the linked pipework and pump.Applications of check valvesCheck valves are utilized in a...

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pipe support systems suppliers in uae

Top 3 Benefits Of Choosing Custom Pipe Fittings

UAE has a vast system of pipelines. These pipes are utilized year-round to transport tonnes of water, liquid petroleum and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. While standard methods are used to join these pipes together, on some occasions, pipe support systems suppliers in UAE need to manufacture...

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building material supplier in uae

7 Building Materials That Could Revolutionize Construction

A new generation of stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly building materials is on the horizon to resolve the construction industry’s most critical matters. Due to natural catastrophes, high prices, environmental concerns, and inefficiency, the sector struggles to sustain production while keeping up with demand. Building projects absorb fifty...

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butterfly valves

Where are butterfly valves used?

From the large pipelines to the sink taps, valves control the water flow and sometimes the speed and direction. Usually, a normal valve is used at the endpoints to either stop or open the pipes’ inner diameter for water flow. But it does not provide flexibility or more control...

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terrain drainage systems

Top 6 solutions for poor drainage in your yard

How often do you come across a flooded backyard after a drizzle?How often do you need to call the plumber to remove the water clogs in the backyard drainage pipes?These are certain issues that people usually have to face due to poor drainage in their backyards. When we consider...

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