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butterfly valves

From the large pipelines to the sink taps, valves control the water flow and sometimes the speed and direction. Usually, a normal valve is used at the endpoints to either stop or open the pipes’ inner diameter for water flow. But it does not provide flexibility or more control over the water flow through the pipes and other plumbing systems. It further causes problems when considering commercial pipelines or those present in water treatment plants.

This is where the concept of using butterfly valves comes in. As the name suggests, the vaults have a rotating disk at the center, which opens or closes according to the water flow direction and speed. A circular disk at the top controls the rotation of the valve. To get huge flow, the rotating bulb is made perpendicular to its circular aperture, while for lesser flow, the disc is positioned at an angle concerning the housing.

As the butterfly valves are used preferably in water pipeline systems and other plumbing architectures, we have described some of the major areas where they have found extensive applications.

What are the major uses of butterfly valves?

Liquid flow regulation

One of the major uses of butterfly bulbs is in water flow regulation. Opening completely allows the water to pass through the pipe, and when it is closed, it stops the flow. Also, you can control the opening of the valve with the steering above. This way, you can increase or decrease the flow volume of the water within the pipelines.

Liquid flow isolation

In certain cases where you need to isolate the water flow into certain pipelines, butterfly valves are more efficient than any other obstructive valve system. The circular disc at the center is leakproof, ensuring that no drop of water can cross through. It is mainly used in pressure-control systems, where liquid and gas are used together.

Liquid backflow prevention

Sometimes, due to the formation of a vacuum within the pipelines, water can flow in the backward direction. In regular conditions, water backflow does not cause any problems. But if we are considering systems like HVAC, aerospace, petroleum extraction pipelines, and so on, liquid backflow can cause serious accidents. This is why a butterfly valve is used because it can easily prevent liquid backflow.

butterfly valves

Throttling valves

Sometimes, you must ensure the liquid passes through high-temperature or high-pressure areas with a higher velocity. To achieve this, you need to throttle the liquid through the pipelines. High-quality butterfly valves made from industry-standard materials are perfect for throttling valves in industrial and commercial spaces.

In what areas are butterfly valves used the most?

Now that you know the major uses of butterfly valves let’s quickly look at the areas where these components are used in huge quantities.

  • HVAC systems in both residential and commercial areas
  • Vacuum pipelines for commercial areas
  • In the aerospace sector, where pipelines are used for fluid control
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration pipeline systems
  • Agricultural and irrigation pipelines
  • Internal lubrication systems in automobiles and other mechanical projects
  • Petroleum projects for liquid flow
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • The flow of slurry from sedimentation tanks
  • High temperature and high-pressure systems for steam control
  • Compressed air and liquid applications
  • Sprinkler systems for Fire Protection


Butterfly valves have proven to be more efficient and useful when compared to the usual ball bearings or any other type of valves used in the plumbing system. However, you need to ensure the best valves are made from high-quality materials so that you don’t have to replace them now and then.