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Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves

A butterfly valve can be used to control flow in any direction with just a quarter turn of the handle. The disc of a butterfly valve is turned by a splined shaft. The line is completely cut off when the butterfly valve is closed. The disc of a butterfly valve is at a right angle to the flow of gas or liquid when the valve is fully open.

Components of butterfly valves

Butterfly values have a very simple yet efficient design, they only have four major parts:

  • Body: Two pipe flanges are used to accommodate the butterfly valve’s body. It is a primary component of the butterfly valve.
  • Disk: The disc is used to halt the liquid’s flow. The design and orientation of the butterfly valve’s disc can be customized according to the need.
  • Stem: It is available in both one-piece and two-piece shaft designs. For the efficient selection of the material based on its cost and mechanical properties, the material is isolated from the media.
  • Seat: It functions as the separation between the disc edge and the seat. The seat of the butterfly valve is fabricated from elastomers and plastics.

Butterfly valves

Uses of butterfly valves

Butterfly valves can be used in a large spectrum of things, but they are mostly used in the water supply, wastewater treatment, slurry services, fire protection, air and gas supply, vacuum services, lubrication system, chemical and oil industries, fuel handling systems, power generation, compressed air and gas services, steam services, food processing, pharmaceutical, and marine systems. They are the best valves for large water supplies.

Butterfly valves

Advantages of butterfly valves

In comparison to other valve types, butterfly valves offer numerous benefits.

Opening a butterfly valve is a quick and simple process

A complete valve closure or opening is achieved by rotating the handle 90 degrees. Large Butterfly valves are typically supplied with a so-called gearbox, where the stem is connected to the handwheel through gears. This streamlines the valve’s operation at the sacrifice of speed.

Butterfly valves are comparatively compact

This is because their tiny design takes significantly less room than other valves. You can install it even in narrow spaces without worrying about adjustments.

Butterfly valves are easier to maintain

The popularity of Butterfly Valves can be attributed to their dependability and low maintenance needs. Because of how little wear they experience, they extend the life of the valve. This decreases operational expenditures and valve maintenance time significantly.

Construction costs for butterfly valves are low

Because of their structure, butterfly valves can use less material than comparable products. In addition, the materials most frequently used to make Butterfly Valves are also the cheapest.

Other than these factors butterfly valves offer many other advantages that make them preferable over the valve types, they are more energy efficient and have a longer life. Moreover, they are good for day-to-day work due to their simple and quick operation. 

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