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Float Valves


What is a float valve?

A float valve is a device used to regulate the flow of a liquid or gas by using a floating mechanism that rises and falls with the level of the fluid. As the level of the fluid rises, the float rises with it, causing a valve to close and stop the flow of the fluid. When the level of the fluid falls, the float falls with it, allowing the valve to open and the fluid to flow again.

What are they used for?

Float valves are commonly used in plumbing to maintain a consistent water level in a tank or other container, as well as in industrial applications such as cooling towers, oil refineries, and chemical processing plants.

Float valves are widely used to control the water level in toilet flush systems and are commonly used to control the water level in water heaters, as well as other types of water tanks. Moreover, float valves are commonly used to control the water levels in irrigation systems, such as those used in agricultural settings.

How does it work?

Float valves comprise a body, a float, and a stem. The body is typically made from brass or stainless steel and contains an internal chamber. The float is a hollow, cylindrical object that is free to move up and down inside the chamber. It is connected to the stem, which is also made from brass or stainless steel. The stem is connected to the body, and when the float moves up or down, it opens or closes the valve.

Float Valves

Factors to consider before buying a float valve

There are some important factors that you must consider before buying any float valves. These precautions will not only help you buy a better quality valve but will also reduce the maintenance and leakage issues, increasing the life of the product.


It is important to choose a float valve that has the correct size for the tank or container.

Pressure Rating:

Float valves are available in different pressure ratings, so make sure to choose one which is rated for the right pressure.


Float valves are usually made of brass, stainless steel, or plastic, so make sure to choose a material that is suitable for the application. 

Flow Rate:

Float valves are available with different flow rates, so make sure to choose one with the right flow rate.


Make sure to choose a float valve that is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.


Float valves are available at different price ranges, so make sure to choose one which fits your budget.


Make sure to choose a float valve that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Float Valves


There are a large number of companies that build and sell float valves, and Obaid Masood is one of the most trusted ones of them.

They will always provide high-quality products or services that meet your needs and expectations. Their team of experts is always ready to accommodate different requests and is willing to work with you to meet your needs. Their excellent customer service and professionalism make them the best plumbing supplier in the market.

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